Hyppe Ultra Disposable Vaporizer Pen

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Flavor: lemon soda
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The HYPPE Ultra Disposable Pen is draw activated and pre-filled with 2ml of 50mg nicotine salt e-liquid, a highly concentrated salt-based nicotine that absorbs into the bloodstream at a faster rate than free-base nicotine. The faster absorption rate causes the user to experience a rush more quickly with similar satisfaction to a cigarette. Hyppe Ultra Disposable Pods are outstandingly smooth, flavorful, and provide supremely satisfying throat hits. 

Product Specifications:

  • Built-in 500mAh Battery
  • 2ml Pre-filled 50mg Salt Nicotine (Approximately 600 Puffs)
  • Disposable Vaporizer Pen
  • Draw Activated

Variety of Flavors: Lemon soda, Orange soda, Mighty mint, Lush ice, Banana ice, Lychee soda, Cola ice, Peach ice, Grape soda, and Strawberry banana. 

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